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The Perks of Working With a Startup Company

Source | LinkedIn : By Susheel Kumar

Perhaps, the most widely discussed term in the world of business and otherwise, Startup companies have been exploring avenues that established corporations have probably failed to dig into, over their decades of successful operations. Often conceptualized by young and budding entrepreneurs, Startups have brought in a tectonic shift in the way products and services are offered.

Just a couple of years ago, who would have imagined using cabs for day to day conveyance at down-to-earth fares or receiving gourmet meals at your doorstep. It was all about using public transport for regular conveyance and visiting a fine dine restaurant for the epicurean experience! All these things of fantasy have only been possible with the advent of a new breed of entrepreneurship which immensely focuses on “Customer Experience” first and then about “Revenue Generation”.

The fast paced growth fuelled by investments has been generating massive employment opportunities across sectors and skill groups.  If you’re someone who is actively looking to explore job opportunities in a Startup company or been working with one, you should be able to relate or draw conclusions on the basis of the content below.

Why should you be working in A Startup Company?

Quite a few reasons, I must say. I have myself been a witness and beneficiary of finding employment with a couple of companies falling in this category. After working with large corporations for over 6 years, I was delighted to find employment in Startups. Based upon my own experience and conversations with friends and colleagues, some of the perks of working in a Startup are as below.

Minimal Micro Management

There is little interference from your superiors as long as you’re getting the work done. Seldom do you feel hostile, helping you to achieve the set objectives and deliver more than expected. You’re not required to produce annoying reports (which mean nothing) or be coerced into doing your job.

Freedom to Innovate

I remember how I was antagonized by a manager in my previous organization who created barriers when I proposed or implemented an idea that added value to the process. I am a sure; most of you have suffered a similar dilemma.  In Startups, it does not work that way. You’re more or less allowed to bring in your previous experience, create and implement.

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