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The Post-Internship Thank You Note That’ll Boost Your Network (and Your Job Prospects)

By | Alyse Kalish |

As an intern looking to make your mark in the world, there are two big things going through your head at any point in time. The first is that you want to do a good job over the course of your however-month-long internship. And the second is that you want to do a good enough job to grow your professional network and job prospects. If you really loved the company, you might even be hoping you’ll have the chance to come back and work there full time later on.

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I speak from experience—as a college senior, I was able to turn an editorial internship into a full-time role I loved by the time I graduated (of course, it came after getting rejected and following up with the hiring manager, but that’s a story for another day).

And if there’s one lesson I’ve learned from that time in my life, as well as all the times I’ve managed interns over the course of my career, it’s that the little things go a long way in helping you stand out—including sending a post-internship thank you letter to your supervisor (and some other people, too).

Why Should You Send a Thank You Letter After an Internship?

I guess you could ask the same question about any kind of thank you note. Why would you send one after an interview? After an informational interview? Even after getting promoted?

Well, it’s polite. It shows respect for the person’s time, tutelage, and resources, and acknowledges that you’re one of the lucky few who got the opportunity—and don’t take that lightly.

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