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The power of in-store sampling for retailers

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Retail sampling is again trending with all the exciting benefits and advantages. One of the biggest leads for retailers over e-commerce business owners is that retailers can let the existing and potential shoppers experience the thing before they buy it. This experience helps them identify the benefits of the products and can make a better and informed decision. The benefits of in-store sampling are not limited to shoppers only as retailers enjoy a potential increase in the sales. In-store demos is a great way of engaging the customers with by letting them touch and use the product before they actually make the purchase decision. Many a times, people do not buy a thing just because they are not sure whether it will serve the purpose or not, or they are scared about how to operate it. With the help of in-store promotion, retailers can reduce these fears and encourage the customers to test it with the help of salespersons and help them in taking a better decision.

As a retail shop owner, while devising your retail strategy, you must include instore sampling as a broad strategy and should train the staff to do it at their best. In this article, we will highlight the benefits and advantages of using demos at your retail outlet. In addition, we will also discuss the tips and tricks on how to do it in the right way.

The benefits of in-store demonstrations

In-store demonstrations empower you enhance the shopping experience of potential buyers, and it also helps them make the right choices. In-store demonstration is a part of the retail marketing strategy,and almost all the retailers use this strategy to boost their sales. Following are the major benefits and advantages that you can enjoy while using this strategy at your retail outlet.

  • Increased sales – With in-store demonstrations and sampling, you can sale more goods and services as compared to without letting the customers experience it. When a customer is allowed to test the product in the shop, it increases the confidence level about the product, and they come in a better position to know the utility of the product. With a right demonstration strategy, you will experience an exponential growth in your business.
  • Better shopping experience – Retail in-store demonstration is not all about your business and profits, it improves the overall shopping experience of buyers. They feel better when they can actually use the product, know the features, and learn about the operations before buying it.
  • Testing of the products and services – With in-store demonstration and sampling, testing of the products is done automatically. Confidence of your shopper will enhance as he / she will see the functionality of the product.
  • Opportunity to get feedback – It is a great opportunity to get feedback from the customers without even selling the product. You can ask the potential customers to give their reviews about the new products and this will help you in improving the product and sales strategy.
  • Improved customer loyalty–When a customer buys the product with satisfaction, there are more chances that he will return. With the help of store demo, you will have more retained customers as compared to past. This is one of the best ways to increase customers’ loyalty and businesses are successfully doing it with the help of smart in-store demonstrations.

Tips and tricks to do it the right way

Whether you do field marketing or you give your customers samples and testers to try the product, you should follow some tips and tricks to make sure that you get the expected and desired results. While devising the strategy for in-store sampling, you must remember the following things.

  • Make sure you have enough inventory – Before you start the in-store demonstration, make sure that you have enough inventory in the back store. The demonstration strategy must not disturb your supply cycle. You should be careful about the re-order levels and the turn around time from the vendors before starting in-store demonstrations for specific products.
  • Always select few products for samples – When you are using in-store sampling strategy, make sure not to let customers try all the varieties.
  • Demonstrations must be during the peak hours – Peak hours are the best time for these demonstrations. You should select the time for demonstrations with a careful consideration as it will greatly impact the results.
  • Hire brand ambassadors for better results – Demonstration strategy done with brand ambassadors yield better results. You can use ambassadors both inside and outside the shop to create awareness about the products that you are selling.
  • Use promotional strategy to get better results – One of the best ways of increasing your sales while using in-store demonstration is by adding promotions to the products that you are allowing the shoppers to test. In this way, you will be able to grab the attention and you will see more conversions.




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