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The Power of Makeup and Grooming

Source | Linkedin | Sunaina Singh | Director & Co-founder – WorkWise Image Consulting at Strengthscape

Someone said beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When it comes to the work environment personal grooming plays a pivotal role. Just as how talent, skill, hard work and dedication help us get going in our professional life, corporate style boost the confidence of the individuals and make them more presentable. 

Makeup is specifically the art of enhancing the physical appearance by the usage of external products whereas grooming is the art of maintaining the body. Makeup and grooming often go hand-in-hand in most situations. Power dressing and grooming can take the pressure of your work. Dressing to meet the occasion is an art that needs to be mastered in the corporate world.  

Makeup and grooming are not limited to parties or social outings; it has marked its way to the corporate sector as well. The more presentable one is, the higher are their chances of cracking a deal or impressing a superior. Although there are debates ongoing this topic, but the vast impact of makeup and grooming is not questionable anymore. The top-level managers and executives are often recognized at a glance because of their attractive and noticeable physical appearance and also how they carry themselves. There are some organizations that conduct grooming sessions for their employees in order to increase the social standing of the organization.

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