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The Principles You Should Follow to Master the Learning Process

By | Swanand Kadam |

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You might have heard it many times how important it is to master the basics before moving on to the advanced concepts. When you move into a new field as a beginner, you have a basic idea of the things you need to learn. In the case of boxing, it’s footwork. In the case of programming, it’s logic and in writing, it’s storytelling.

The reason why basics are so important is that the success of every next step you take depends on how much you’ve mastered the previous step.

Think of it in this way, a building won’t have the 100th floor if it doesn’t have the 99th and it won’t have the 99th floor if it doesn’t have the 98th floor. Not spending enough time on basics and moving to the next steps quickly will give you an illusion that you have learned the thing you wanted to learn. But, such learning is not flexible. Throw an uncomfortable situation to it and you will see how quickly it can collapse.

I had to re-learn programming because the way I learned it was fragile. The foundations were not solid and I would look for solutions on Google for almost every programming question I came across.

Learning the basics thoroughly will make you feel like you are going slow but in the long-term, you will be the fastest of all. This is something every learner will personally experience in their quest to learning new things.

Try to teach a basic concept to yourself through different perspectives, drill it in your mind, apply it whenever you can and don’t move forward until you haven’t mastered the first step.

The best way to master the basics is not to just learn it but tinkering with the different possibilities it can generate. If a boxer learns to dance, he would master the footwork from a new perspective. Remember, a solid foundation paves the way forward to build the tallest of buildings.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Accelerate progressively

When you start from zero, you need to match your motivation with your capability. Setting unexpected goals according to your current capability might hamper your confidence in the long term.

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