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The “Psychological Reason” Why You Should NEVER Feel as a VICTIM!

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Let me start this article by asking you a very simple question.

What do you do when you feel stuck in life?

It is absolutely understandable that all of us might feel lost or stuck sometimes. It is life and it’s perfectly possible that all of us might get into situations where we will feel stuck and lost and confused. There can be plenty of such situations occurring in our lives. Nobody is perfect and it is in such difficult situations, we end up learning the most.

However, the “Attitude and the Mindset” that we carry in such situations defines us and our principles. It is regarding this very importance, I have decided to write this article.

It has been seen and understood that many people, when they get stuck in difficult life situations, immediately feels and believes that they are a VICTIM of such a circumstance. There are some observations which I will like to highlight here. Such people and mindsets, under such situations and circumstance will FEEL & PERCEIVE that:

  • The cause of their life’s problems are somebody else. Such people end up blaming specific others, i.e. who according to them are the root reasons for their difficulties and hurdles. (For such mindsets, they mentally label such specific others as “Their Bad Guy“)
  • The solution to their tough & difficult situation lies completely in the hands of specific others. Such people completely and blindly puts their complete fate on a rescuer, i.e. those who will rescue them and save them. (For such mindsets, they mentally label such specific others as “Their Hero” or “Their Rescuer“)

When their specific/particular difficulties fades away, such people end up developing a “Belief” & a “Perception” that it’s only because of “Their Hero/Rescuer”, they were able to come out of their specific difficulties and hurdles. Instead of giving credit & believing in themselves, such people end up giving complete credit to their “Hero & Rescuer”.  A “Psychological Chain” gets created and EVERY TIME such people get stuck and lost, they end up relying on their perceived “Hero & Rescuer”, i.e. to get them out. This is a complete promoter of irresponsibility.

In the world of “Modern Applied Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(CBT) & Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP)”, such a case is related to a “Psychological Phenomena”. It is known as THE DISEMPOWERMENT DYNAMIC or THE VICTIM’S DRAMA TRIANGLE.

I have demonstrated the same through a pictorial representation:

I am sure, based on my previous explanation and discussion, you will be easily able to understand this diagram. There are plenty of people in this world, i.e. those who are operating from this “VICTIM Mindset“. It is very important to understand that when someone frequently operates from such psychology, at one point their mind gets unconsciously programmed to such a belief and perception. Thus, in such cases, whenever a person will feel stuck and confused, they will get triggered to such a psychology where their mind will revolve around “The Hero/Rescuer” and “The Bad Guy”.

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