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The Real Cost Of Paid Parental Leave For Business

Source | FastCompany : BY LYDIA DISHMAN

In the last six months, many major tech companies have been doing what the U.S. government hasn’t: embracing paid parental leave policies. From Amazon (20 weeks) and Adobe (26 weeks for new birth mothers) to ZestFinance (six months), many have extended their paid time-off benefits. Others such as Netflix are planning to give new parents up to a year off after the birth of a child, while Spotify took a page from its Swedish national policies to offer up to six months of leave with 100% pay for any new parent, birth, adopted, or surrogate.

ZestFinance’s chief people officer, Sonya Merrill, says that such benefits are an integral part of the six-year-old fintech company’s push to create a diverse and inclusive workplace. So far, in addition to extending its paid parental leave, the 100-person company has increased the total number of minority employees to 25%, and has a C-suite evenly split between men and women.

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