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The Reason You Haven’t Achieved Your Goal May Be That You Haven’t Set It

Source | | By|Dane Holmes

When trying to accomplish something meaningful – professionally or personally – start by investing real time and energy on establishing goals. Goals – with a plan – not only put you on the path towards success, they provide clarity (to you and to others), serve as your North Star (especially when things get shaky) and keep you motivated along the way. 

Research shows that goals also increase job satisfaction and people who have a high level of goal clarity are four times more likely to score in the top performance quartile of their organization. Yet, while the business case for goal-setting is strong, many of us still don’t do it in a deliberate and consistent way. In one study, 96% of business leaders acknowledged they lacked the time for strategic thinking. Life takes over, so we “put our head down”, “grind through it” and try to “figure things out” as they come. However, that’s a recipe for working hard and risking having little to show for it.

Here are five tips to consider when it’s time to adopt a “goal-setting mindset”:

Start with the why.  Ask yourself “what’s the ultimate purpose of this goal and the benefits that will come from achieving it?” Goals for the sake of goals won’t take you far. Make sure you understand the impact of what you’re trying to do and why it matters to you, your team and your organization. Define the “why?” and whenever your motivation wanes, be sure to come back to that answer. 

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