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The Recruiter Said ‘You’ll Start Out Low — But You’ll Move Up Fast’

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

Dear Liz,

I left a long-term job to take what was supposed to be a career-boosting opportunity with a fast-growing startup. (You know them — they are a household name.)

I have to hand it to these folks because they have the world’s greatest con man running their Staffing function.

I was flattered from the minute the recruiter “Bart” contacted me on LinkedIn. He knows how to sell!

In his first message, Bart didn’t talk as much about the job opportunity as he gushed about my background.

Anyone would be flattered by that, right?

He talked about how fast the company is growing (true) and how quickly people move up in the organization (not true). Anyway, I got sucked in and I took the job.

The role paid $5000 less per year than I was earning but that seemed like a small price to pay considering the great opportunity.

Although I was excited to get the job, I am naturally cautious. I kept a journal during the six painful months I worked for that firm. Here are a few of the highlights:

1. After Bart’s incredibly attentive communication with me during my interview process, I neither spoke with nor saw Bart again during my half-year of employment (and we worked in the same location).

2. Seven other people were in my new employee orientation session with me, and I lasted longer than any of them.

3. There was no training whatsoever but we got a one-week “grace period” before we were held accountable for hitting our weekly goals — some of which literally made no sense given our positions.

4. Managers and employees came and went daily. I had three different supervisors in six months.  The first one quit, the second one was fired and the third and final one had been hired a month before she got promoted. (The supervisor job was never posted — they just decided “We want you!” and that was that.)

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