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The Recruiting Industry is Facing an Existential Threat

Source | LinkedIn : By Lou Adler

There was an interview with Ford CEO Mark Fields on last week regarding the techno-driven existential threat to the auto industry. You’ll know it has happened when your Uber ride arrives at your door without a driver.

I contend there’s a similar existential threat to the recruiting industry. It will affect every recruiter, hiring manager, HR leader and those technology vendors who continue to espouse 20th century ideas in the 21st century. Job seekers should rejoice.

First, here are my five big bang reasons why a disruption is likely: 

  • Current tools including job boards don’t improve quality of hire; they just allow people to change jobs more easily.
  • Despite a recent one-time pickup, employee dissatisfaction has been a dismal 70% for the past 20 years due in large part to the ease of changing jobs.
  • A surplus of talent model designed to weed out the weak will not work when a surplus of talent doesn’t exist.
  • Depending on function and demand, 80-90% of all candidates are not looking to change jobs. Regardless, companies spend more time trying to hire the other 10-20% more efficiently.
  • Corporate recruiters are handling too many requisitions preventing them from sourcing and recruiting the best passive candidates.

Given the need for disruption, here’s one approach to completing this makeover.

Ten Disruptive Hiring and Recruiting Ideas for Improving Quality of Hire and Job Satisfaction 

  1. Define jobs as a series of challenges, tasks and learning opportunities. By rethinking how work is defined as a series of tasks and performance-based building blocks it will be easier to overcome the current approach of pigeon-holing people into jobs based on their level of skills, compensation and need for another job.
  2. Individual job postings are not needed. Since jobs will be grouped by function with a series of interchangeable challenges and tasks, there will be no need or ability for a candidate to search for jobs. A candidate interested in a new job will just push a button and be offered a prioritized list of best career moves.

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