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The resolutions i did not make and how they made a difference

Source | LinkedIn | jacintha jayachandran | Author, Coach, Entrepreneur. Seeking to enable children by enshrining hope,it is the bridge to freedom and a future

That i will write and publish a book which i did in 2019 – seize the dream everyday

That i will volunteer to a cause that i passionately believe in and ended up teaching children who thrive in spite of the many disadvantages they face due to poverty.- look for opportunities to make a small difference.

That i will be my best buddy .2019 has been a bittersweet year for me, very often when i lay awake in the night wondering, worrying, smiling , agonising, the only person who was with me throughout, was ME, i never gave up on myself , which made me enroll on 0-1-2-3 formula (0-sugar and 0-negativity, 1-fruit a day and 1 new habit developed(writing everyday was mine) 2- meals a day and 2 books to read every month , 3 days a week workout and 3 people to call and stay in touch every week(old and new friends and family members) – Be kind to yourself every day.choose to do something by which you express kindness to yourself.

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