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The resume-like doc to keep on your desktop for when a dream job opportunity pops up: ‘You want to be ready’

By | Gili Malinsky |

As you’re building your career history, experts recommend keeping an ongoing record of everything you’ve done on the job. This document has been called a continuous resume or a CV, and it highlights every significant piece of your career ― from day-to-day accomplishments to major awards.

When applying to new positions, this document serves as a point of reference from which you can copy and paste the most relevant and up-to-date experience for a resume for the prospective job.

Unlike a brag sheet, which only includes your biggest achievements, this is “kind of like a depository of all your information,” says Stacie Haller, chief career advisor at Resume Builder.

Here’s how experts recommend keeping it.

‘Keep that document on your desktop’

Format your depository as you would a regular resume, with your name and contact information on top, experiences framed through titles and bullet points below, and a list of skills at the bottom. Update it regularly.

“I will have one Word document that I will add to every time I switch positions, every time I take on a new project,” says Gorick Ng, Harvard career adviser and author of “The Unspoken Rules.” “It’s essentially my little time capsule.”

Keeping it up-to-date means when it’s time to write the resume for that prospective job, you don’t have to wrack your brain to remember accomplishments from previous positions. Everything’s already there on that page.

“What I would encourage folks to do is actually keep that document on your desktop,” says Ng, “and every time you contributed to something go in there, add it as a bullet point. And you can now refer back to it in six months rather than have to recall what the heck you did a year and a half ago.”

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