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The Right To Be You. (Assessment Inside)

By | Claude Arganaraz

I wrote this post with the intention of answering a question I was pondering for my clients. That question was; ‘How can we last the distance whilst making a difference?’ I’d been through burnout several times in my previous lives and experienced first hand the pain and pressures in leadership and professional life. Especially when you are helping people directly and you want to change the world. I’m still an idealist!

This article does contain an assessment tool I borrowed and expanded and hope it may prove eye opening and prompt discussion with those close to you . It’s all about your rights.

A magnificent life

All of us want to live it, it’s ‘having our cake an eating it too’!

Magnificent means, “Impressive to the mind or spirit, sublime, glorious, wonderful, exceptionally fine.”

Living a magnificent life means first taking care of yourself and protecting yourself so you can confidently, and from a position of power, be able to serve others.

Strong, secure people make a lasting difference in their families, work and the world.

How you feel about yourself will ultimately determine how you see and treat others. Healthy boundaries and a healthy self-esteem is vital to making a lasting difference in your life.

What you believe about yourself and are able to do or not do is evidenced by what you feel is your right. So this test is of greater importance than you realise.

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