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The Role of HR in Digital Transformation and Driving Cultural Change, ETHRWorld |

<p>Arundhati Ashoka, Global Human Resource, CriticalRiver</p>
Arundhati Ashoka, Global Human Resource, CriticalRiver

Digital has become the catalyst for transformation across industries, and the trend is gaining momentum. Apple’s iTunes revolutionized the music industry within approximately five years, while Airbnb and Uber profoundly reshaped the hospitality and transportation sectors in just two years. Organizations recognize that the integration of digital technologies is no longer limited to a specialized IT department. It now influences the functioning of operational units across businesses.

No surprise that Human Resources (HR), too, plays a pivotal role in implementing change management strategies and ensuring the consistent adoption of digital culture. Significant workplace trends are making it vital for HR to shape a company’s digital identity, including:

  • Increasing adoption of technologies related to data analytics, cloud, social media, mobility and cybersecurity
  • A diverse workforce comprising both millennials (the first-generation digital citizens) and Gen Z
  • Convergence of work and life for hyperconnected employees
  • Business models stressed by digital disruption

Aligning vision and digital initiatives for an organizationBroadly, the three areas where HR in digital transformation can contribute to the success of an organization while fostering innovation and agility are:

1. Restructuring the workplace to fit in digitalization

HR leaders must align their understanding of digital’s…

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