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The root cause of low employee morale, John Schaefer, Employee Recognition Expert

[youtube] In these hectic, overworked, understaffed times, its easier than ever for managers (who are usually even more overworked than their subordinates) to come across something like the Quintus Arrius line to Roman slaves from Ben Hur, . . . we keep you alive to serve this ship, so row well and live! It demonstrates how easy it is to come across as a leader who believes that everybody is lucky to have a job, so you better suck it up, keep your nose to the grindstone and dont complain.

Sadly, this view, while effective during this struggling economy, is killing your productivity today, and will lead to significant retention, recruiting and training costs down the road. The moment your employees begin to feel that you dont appreciate them and that theyre only on board to row, you have amplified the root cause of low employee morale and its going to cost you big time.


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  1. You want to increase morale? Give employees a stake in the company. the older parts of my family were employees of Auto industries of the 1950-80's where loyalty was reciprocal, where one started and grew within the company, dedication high. We know the terrible effects of NAFTA and outsourcing jobs, but also this mentality of using you today gone tomorrow outlook, as well as manipulations of stock markets for cheap "gains" at the expense of the future. Corporations are hated because of the way they slavishly undermine the workers and populations by courting the government for special privileges and powers, and complaining when workers do the same. Nobody except the idiots themselves wants manditory diversity, feminist lecturing about sexual assault/ harrassment and the social justice warriors killing of merit.

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