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The Science of Happiness Simplified

By | Abhijit Bhaduri |Keynote speaker, Author and Columnist

Her class is Yale’s most popular course in over 300 years. Dr Laurie Santos is a Professor of Psychology at Yale. I heard her podcast (link given below) and took some notes.

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Tip No 1: Social connections increase happiness

Try to connect with people when you step out. When you are the office water cooler, talk to the person who is waiting in line. Even a brief exchange makes a difference. So many co-passengers that I met as strangers at the airport or in a train journey have become friends. During the pandemic I took a bunch of classes. The friends I made there have stayed with me (even if I have forgotten much of what I learnt in class!). While the online class had several more students, the group of six people who met in-person have formed a much deeper bond. Dr Laurie Santos confirms that in-person meetings make us happier!

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Tip No 2: Create rituals to create memories

During times of constant change, rituals create meaning. Having a weekend ritual or an annual ritual can increase your happiness level. The predictability of the commute to the office is boring, but also strangely comforting in a world full of uncertainty. It creates a divide between personal time and office time. It is no surprise that a number of people started taking up “fake commutes” to give themselves “me time” and separate the work-identity from our identity beyond work. <Read more>

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Read more about the three boundaries we must maintain for our well-being

While working from home, I run from the bed to the work desk to recreate the commute!

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TIP NO 3. Sudden time off to do something spontaneously

My parents permitted me to take two days off from school every year. Taking time off to lie in bed on a cold winter morning seemed blissful. Lying in bed to listen to Raga Desh while watching the rain. What is the nicest memory you have when you took a day off spontaneously? Leave a comment and tell me.

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TIP No 4: Don’t use social media posts to compare your life to others

Yes, I know, everyone on Instagram seems to be having endless fun, taking vacations, partying and teaching their cat to be like a dog. The last bit is certainly impossible. You must decide what creates meaning for you.

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TIP NO 5: Helping others is one of the most powerful triggers to being happy.

Stopping to help someone is good for the other person, but it is AMAZING for you. Being nice to someone is a powerful trigger for your brain to reward you with all the dopamine and other happy chemicals. Try it.

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Bonus Tip: Listen to the podcast – there are many more ideas there <click this>

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