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The Secret to a Lasting Culture

Source | Linkedin | Margaret Keane | CEO Of Synchrony

As I meet with our employees across Synchrony – whether one-on-one in locations around the world or gathered together at our recent annual Diversity Symposium, I often hear what a critical factor culture was in their decision to work here. Our reputation as a great place to work is a big part of why people choose Synchrony.

We recently celebrated our five-year anniversary as a public company; in that time, we have grown our employee population significantly. As people sometimes do on their birthdays, I’ve taken some time on our corporate birthday to reflect on the ups and downs we’ve experienced and how our culture has helped carry us through.

When times are good, it’s easy to stay positive, but a person’s character is tested when things do not go as planned. I find the same to be true with companies, which is why I knew building a strong culture would be one of my top priorities as CEO.

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