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The Secret To Doing What You Love

Source | LinkedIn : By James Altucher

“I came to LA because I write films,” the Uber driver told me. “I wrote a movie about kids in a ghetto, trying to survive.”

We were going just a few blocks. I was lazy and didn’t feel like walking.

“So far I had a meeting at CAA, do you know who they are?” he looked in the mirror at me.

I said yes.

“And now my manager got me a meeting at Paradigm,” he said, “so I’m hopeful. I just drive this Uber to make money while I wait for my film to be made.”

“Instead of driving an Uber, as long as you have a manager, why don’t you try to write for TV?” I said.

“Only a few movies are made each year but there are so many more outlets for TV now that Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and even Apple are doing original programming.”

“I could do it,” he said, “I even have a contact at [he named a show I can’t remember] who said he would hire me right away. But my heart is in cinema. I will only do cinema.”

BOOM! Failure. “Cinema,”

I’m sorry.

A friend of mine is a DJ. But she makes no money. She works on her music but also has a job at a clothing store to make money.

I said to her, “Why don’t you DJ at weddings or bars?

“Get your name out there so people can find your music. Or you can even play your own music and if you do a lot of events you might find someone who wants to take you to the next level.”

She’s been working on her music for almost 20 years.

She said, “I just want to stick to my own music. If I DJ at a wedding I have to play other music.”

BOOM! Failure. “Just”

I’m sorry.


No judgments. But they are making it hard to do what they love.

Understanding the “art of the transition” is the key.

It’s not beginning, work hard, success, end.

It’s taking each thing, moving it into the next, repeat, success.

Jesse Itzler, who was on my podcast after writing “Living with SEAL,” was a rapper in the early 90s.

His rap name was Jesse Jaymes. Check out the video for his song: “Shake it like a white girl

At the time it was Jesse versus Vanilla Ice and Ice sort of won. Or sort of didn’t. Who can judge?

He didn’t want to fail.

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