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The Secret To Wellbeing At Work Is…. Leadership


We spent the last 15 months talking with hundreds of HR leaders about their well-being programs and the focus is massive. Companies are hiring Chief Health Officers, Head of Safety and Well-being, and Directors of Well-being like never before. In fact, there are 55,000 jobs now open for Directors of Wellbeing, VP’s of Wellbeing, or Wellbeing managers in business.

Where is all this going? As our Wellbeing research points out, this is a complex topic – one that covers physical health (diet, exercise, sleep, physical safety), mental health (stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness), financial health (standard of living, lifestyle, budget, debt), and family health (children, family, marriage). And we, as HR and business leaders, now feel responsible for it all.

And it’s even more complex than this. Our new Employee Experience research, which will be launched in a few months, found that the #1 driver of outcomes is not workplace safety and wellbeing, but trust, transparency, and psychological safety. So we have to include diversity, inclusion, and culture in the mix.

Well, just this week we had a call with seven CHROs from large companies in Canada, and I want to share what we learned. These companies range from large financial institutions to healthcare providers, software companies, and IT manufacturers. And after deep discussions of their benefits programs, the proliferation of offerings they’re dealing with (Salesforce, for example, offers more than 270 different health and wellbeing benefit offerings), we agreed on one big thing.

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