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The secrets of the world’s most competitive economies

Source | | Emma Charlton

Embracing new ideas and challenging the status quo, while maintaining consistency are key to success in 2019, according to the World Economic Forum’s latest Global Competitiveness Report.

The report acts as a guide for policy-makers, ranking them in key areas, helping them easily identify areas for improvement and offering a straightforward comparison to their peers. What this year’s report makes clear is that environmental and sustainability agendas cannot be pursued separately from economic success – they must be fully integrated.

“The index puts a premium on agility and adaptability, on human capital, and on innovation,” says Thierry Geiger, Head of Analytics and Quantitative Research, Global Competitiveness and Risks at the World Economic Forum. “This capacity to adapt, this agility can be hard to master, because some of it is to do with cultural aspects, for example when it comes to risk taking or when it comes to embracing new ideas.”

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