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Think about our day-to-day lives.

We are surrounded by beautiful and wonderful people, places, and events that can impact us and the life we live every single moment of the day.  To understand the reasons to keep searching for that silver lining, one must first understand what the silver lining actually is.

A silver lining is a viewpoint in life, an outlook of positivity.

Sometimes, the silver lining is easy to see.  It can be a positive action, event, or moment that stands out.  Some of these moments we may not fully understand until they are over, but once we acknowledge them, they can continue to impact us on a positive level, well, forever.

Silver linings are all around us, we just have to open our eyes, ears, and hearts to receiving them and accepting them. 

Always find your silver linings

Sometimes, that silver lining isn’t obvious- you have to really look for it.If you are struggling with a really depressing moment or time in your life, stop and look at what you are focusing on.

Take a look at yourself and your life.

Do you choose to focus on the silver linings that you have or do you prefer to rely on those moments to filter in from other people? 

If you can reflect on your life and events over the past month, do the silver lining moments stand out to you in a way that is helpful in moving forward?

 Ask yourself

While some silver linings are evident, other times we have to dig deep to recognize them. Having trouble sorting those silver linings out from the pack?  It can be difficult, but important.

Don’t. Give. Up. 

We often don’t realise that things which we are searching for are mostly nearby, but we don’t really have the framework to understand simple things but definitely complicated, Agree?

Always find reasons to keep searching.  If struggling on where to start, I would start with these 8 simple thoughts which came for my help.

1. Remember That You Are Loved

The very first way to find the silver lining is to remind yourself that you are loved.

You are loved by your parents, siblings, spouse, friends, kids, and so many more people.

What better gift could one ask for in life?

The major silver lining moment is for those who choose to reflect on this each and every day.  A great reason to be happy!

2. Always Move Forward

Silver linings can actually help you move forward in life. Keep thinking ahead, stop looking back

Instead of dwelling on things people have told you or mistakes you made, look ahead at all the possibilities that are in your future.

3. Go Out And Experience Life

Another way to see the silver lining is to get up and do something and don’t be afraid to fail.

If you gave something a go, and it ended up turning into a no-go…learn from it.  You haven’t lost anything from that experience if you allow yourself to learn from it as well.

4. Start Fresh

Leave yesterday behind, and embrace the fresh new start.  Allowing yourself to wallow in the negatives of the past will only prohibit any future growth for yourself in the future.  It is an amazing and comforting feeling knowing that if today wasn’t your day, you have another go at it tomorrow…and the next day…and the next day.

5. Create Positivity

From negativity, one can create positivity. When you create positivity from situations around you, you are seeing the silver linings in life.

This is the one that took me the longest to fully comprehend. It’s times where so much negativity can crowd our judgment that we tend to miss out out these small moments of breaking through.

You can have control over turning that frown upside down.  Feeling down in the dumps does happen, but try not to let it linger if possible.  Take control in turning that thought into a positive outlook. You may be surprised how it helps in improving your overall goals and attitudes as well.

6. Keep Trying

Allow your failure to be the base for new goals and ideas. Let the silver linings propel you forward through the times you fall down. Did you try something that failed?  Yep, that can hurt… or more like SUCK.

Instead of letting it continue to grow in negative emotions, take control and set a new goal on how to overcome and make it better.

7. Stress Less

Optimistic people tend to stress less.

I try. I try every day because this one still gives me hope. But let’s think about it.

By seeing the silver lining, you may actually be improving your health and well-being too.  Don’t waste time stressing.

8. Find Your Value

You are valued by a wide range of people. It isn’t difficult to find the silver lining in life on a daily basis, but it does take an effort to turn it into a habit.

When you change your outlook on life, you have the power to make real changes in other parts of your life too.

Each day, when you wake up, think of something that you are thankful for and makes you happy.

Immediately, your mind is filled with those thoughts of positivity that can help you stay on track to embrace all those silver lining moments of the day!  In my opinion, we are all the masters of our own silver linings and finding ways to make them work well for us and our goals!

Where’s the silver lining in your life?

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