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The Size Of Ego – Determines Where You Go!

By | Adil Malia |

You cannot avoid the smell of Ego. The ‘I’ within you that dominates every situation, facts, context, subject or people and blocks you from having a realistic perception of any situation. Ego defines any context thru its own lenses.

It subdues and stabs its twin brother – ‘humility’ routinely into submission and ultimately, takes over all rights over you, over your behaviours, your transactions and all your relationships.

You must wonder how Ego – the infamous brother became stronger and thus totally subdued ‘Humility’ – its brother into surrender.

Through years, Ego regularly went to its psychological super gym within you and strengthened its abs & muscles. In every conflict, fight or situation, Humility said – ” Let it be. Next time we will converse & convince him”. Ego said – ” No, this time and always, I am better. I will teach him a lesson. Fight him and put him in his place right away, which is so much lower than what he imagines it to be.”

Thus always and ever, over time, Ego became stronger and stronger by practise. Humility lost its confidence and became over time, a total failure. For it gave up practice.

Conclusively, Ego established its superior rights over you. To that extent it developed that you, your personality, your character, your relationships and your personality are now defined only and only by your Ego.

Remember, the ultimate aim of Ego is not to see something but actually, bieve that it already is something much beyond its capacity & bigger than what it can ever imagine to become.

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