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The state of job description creation in 2019

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  • HRSG polled 100+ HR professionals about job descriptions. Here are the surprising results

Source | | Emily Douglas | Managing Editor at Human Resources Director

For such an important part of your HR processes, job descriptions are often overlooked as a talent management tool. Not only that, but the way that they’re put together has hardly evolved in the past generation of work. Even as HR teams increasingly use technology to work smarter and foster improved processes, most still stick to a tedious process for building and managing their job descriptions.

We wanted to get a better sense of how this looks in reality. How do HR professionals actually carry out their job description processes? Where is there room for improvement? How much time is being spent on these documents that, traditionally, aren’t often looked at or updated beyond the hiring process.

These are some of the key questions we sought out answers on from HRSG website visitors during the first quarter of 2019. If you’re a busy HR professional yourself, you’ll probably relate to some of the insights… but others may surprise you. Let’s get into the data.

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