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The Step-By-Step Guide To Quitting Your Job

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

Unless you have an alternate source of income, you’re going to need to find a new job before you quit the job you’ve got now. You can launch a stealth job search and land your new job while you’re still working at the old one.

Of course, you have to use discretion during your under-the-radar job search.  You can’t advertise your job-hunting status on your LinkedIn profile. I also don’t recommend that you send out any blast email  messages to your friends, telling them about your job search.

No matter how many times you use the word ‘confidential’ in that message, one of your knucklehead friends is sure to send it to all of his or her friends, and that’s how stealth job searches can run into trouble! 

You still have plenty of good job-search channels available to you. You can reach out to recruiters (find them on LinkedIn or ask your friends for recommendations) and you can still contact your college alumni office to connect with alums who might be looking for talented people like you in their firms.

You can still reach out to hiring managers using Pain Letters and your Human-Voiced Resume. You can’t post your resume on a career site, and you can’t go to job fairs without worrying that the wrong people will learn about your job-hunting status.

You’ll have to use some fancy footwork to go on job interviews, but that is a new skill you’re learning, and one that all of us must learn! You can schedule some of your interviews after hours, and use vacation time for the others.

When you get your job offer from the next company you’re going to work for, let your new hiring manager know that you intend to give two weeks notice at your current job.

The ‘intend’ part is important because some inhuman workplaces will walk you out the door the minute you tell them you’re leaving—as though  leaving the company were itself a crime! Later on you can write a pithy review of that place on Glassdoor, but for now, you want to get out in one piece!

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