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The strangest Paradox of Leadership

By | Robin Sharma

Our world says that if you are a leader, in many ways, it’s about what you get. What I’m going to suggest to you with deep respect is: “Being a leader is about what you give.” It’s a paradox because as you give more you actually receive more.

Again, society has sold us this methodology and this philosophy that if we get from the world; if we get more income, if we get more from our clients, if we get more from our employees, if we get more from our sectors, if we get more from society, we will feel happy. We will be successful. We will be at the top of the mountain. We will live these epic, awesome, and fulfilling lives. I don’t believe that’s the case and I haven’t experienced that to be the case at all. To me, if you give and you are a humble instrument of service everything just falls into place.

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