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The Surprising ways Humor can improve your work culture

Simply knowing that someone has a sense of humor is likely to make you feel more confident around them.

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Ever noticed how difficult it is to spend a lot of time around someone who doesn’t have a sense of humor? More than just being dull, those interactions can actually get tense after a while. Chances are you feel the urge to get out of that person’s company as quickly as possible.

Humorless work environments aren’t exactly neutral—they can actually become pretty toxic. In fact, some now argue that humor doesn’t just make workplaces happier, healthier places, it might actually make them more productive. It’s that belief that keeps people like humorist, speaker, and author Michael Kerr busy travelling around the world teaching people how to lighten up at work. Here are five reasons why injecting a little well-placed humor into your work culture can have you laughing all the way to the bank.

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