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The tech job market is red hot; it may remain so for 1-2 years

Source | | Avik Das | Shilpa Phadnis

The Covid-19 pandemic had a dramatic impact on the technology industry – one that almost nobody anticipated. Demand surged, as enterprises realised tech is core to sustainability. The initial increase in demand could be handled by techies sitting idle in the early months of the pandemic. But from around April this year, tech demand and tech startup funding were so humongous that demand for talent started soaring. 

IT services companies, MNC tech centres in India, tech startups now need people in the thousands. For many of the new-age technology skills, salaries are soaring.

Sangeeta Gupta, chief strategy officer at Nasscom, thinks this wave will last a few quarters. Jagdish Mitra, chief strategy officer at Tech Mahindra, says it could go up to three years.

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