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The Teenager of HR Tech: People Analytics Technology Market Overview

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About 9 months ago, we decided to dive deep into the world of people analytics technology with the goal of developing a framework that would help practitioners and vendors better understand the market. This people analytics technology study has looked at what challenges the vendors are looking to solve, their growth, and how organizations are using them.

We found that the people analytics technology market is kind of like a teenager. It’s growing up fast and integrating itself across several HR functions, but at the same time, it is unsure of what it wants to be when it grows up or who to serve primarily.

Over the course of past few months, we ran a vendor survey and spoke with over 30 solution providers and their customers to find out about their primary users, what sets them apart and the type of data they use. We have highlighted a few of our crucial findings from our research in this infographic. We would like to thank PAFOW and Insight222 for sponsoring our research.

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