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The Ten Deadliest Mistakes New Employees Make

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

It’s exciting to start a new job. A new job gives you a blank canvas on which to paint your new brand and identity. You can make your mark in a whole new way in your new job, but a new job and a new environment can also be overwhelming.

New employees worry about making mistakes like these:

1. Having to ask a co-worker their name after you’ve already been introduced (perhaps two or three times).

2. Forgetting what you’ve been told about a procedure — or plunging ahead with a task without realizing that your new employer has a defined procedure you’re supposed to follow.

3. Being slow to learn the fine points of your new employer’s products and services, or

4. Getting confused about relative priorities, deadlines or repetitive tasks (not realizing, for instance, that the report your new boss asked you for last Thursday is a report you’re supposed to create every Thursday).

These four newbie mistakes and others like them are the things that keep new employees up at night, worrying — but these are not the worst mistakes new employees make.

These four areas of confusion will soon recede into the past. Everybody experiences them at some point. Of course you are overwhelmed.

New employees almost always find themselves “drinking from a fire hose,” because there is way more information hitting you every day than you could possibly integrate.

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