Book Review

The Ten Faces of Innovation

By | Tom Kelley

The ten personas your innovators can adopt and harness to boost creativity from the bestselling author and ex-general manager of IDEO • Gets behind the creativity and innovation that run Silicon Valley and shows how anybody can harness this energy in or out of the workplace• IDEO and Tom Kelley are well-known and highly admired in the business, with international credentials and a host of accolades to their names• Highly intelligent, warm and witty: a book with character that translates its author’s voice and wisdom• ‘Breezy and well written. . . Aspiring business innovators and fans of the Art of Innovation may find further inspiration in this handbook. ‘ -Publishers WeeklyAbout the Book:Innovation is the lifeblood of every company – the fuel that keeps an organisation going in a tough marketplace. But by its very nature it’s hard to plan for, quantify and coach. In the Ten Faces of Innovation Tom Kelley explains how to do it. Kelley, author of bestselling the Art of Innovation, reveals the strategies that his world-famous design firm IDEO uses to foster original thinking and overcome naysayers who stifle creativity. For Kelley, innovation is all about individuals and teams. He identifies ten key roles developed by IDEO that anyone can adopt in order to innovate indifferent situations

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