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The Termite of Reservation in India & Way ahead

Source | LinkedIn : By Rajesh DebRoy

Golden India in Flames is this part of Political Game ?


What will become of our country? The future seems faded in the darkness of blind actions, our perceptions. Today there is a fight namely for equality but it contains all the inequality in the world. People are fighting for reservations, not caring about how their actions disrupt our nation, it is easy to speak, it is easy to fight, but what is not easy is to change. They want a nation which is modernized, a nation which does not see discrimination, they discuss the endless possibilities of an idealistic nation which might never come into existence solely because of the mentality and the thoughts which do not want to change. What is the purpose of all these reservations upon caste systems anyway? Why is it that even after 69 years on independence the nation has not been able to look beyond all these names that divide it. People crave change, but people do not want to change- they do not see a purpose in that change. Moreover, the country with such a strong education system- subsidized- to say the least, is in requirement of mere reservations? Is nobody willing to walk their way up the stairs just because there is an elevator present? They are just a billion questions that bombard the growing generation, the generation that should be creating change. For don’t we all wish for a nation, which would not discriminate from within, we walk across nations abroad screaming for equality, when in the country we should all be living in together peacefully does not even want to accept one another. People crave change, they just do not want to change. They are blocking the roads, blocking the water system, cutting trees and burning buildings- what is it that they are getting from it?

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