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The The Economics of Data, Analytics, and Digital Transformation: The theorems, laws, and empowerments to guide your organization’s digital transformation

By | Bill Schmarzo | Kirk Borne

Build a continuously learning and adapting organization that can extract increasing levels of business, customer and operational value from the amalgamation of data and advanced analytics such as AI and Machine Learning

Key Features

  • Master the Big Data Business Model Maturity Index methodology to transition to a value-driven organizational mindset
  • Acquire implementable knowledge on digital transformation through 8 practical laws
  • Explore the economics behind digital assets (data and analytics) that appreciate in value when constructed and deployed correctly

Book Description

In today’s digital era, every organization has data, but just possessing enormous amounts of data is not a sufficient market discriminator.

The Economics of Data, Analytics, and Digital Transformation aims to provide actionable insights into the real market discriminators, including an organization’s data-fueled analytics products that inspire innovation, deliver insights, help make practical decisions, generate value, and produce mission success for the enterprise.

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