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The Three Coolest Branded Accessories for Employees

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When you’re giving out branded materials to your staff, on the whole, they’ll not achieve their desired effect. Pens will remain in the drawer, t-shirts will only be worn as pajamas, and water bottles will make their way to and from your workplace without being seen by a single stranger at your firm. Yet, there are branded accessories out there that your staff will love, cherish, and share with their friends. The sign of a great staff gift from your business is one that they are delighted to wear in public, and that’s what this article is all about.

Fanny Packs

Often regarded as the most practical of small bags, the fanny pack can be worn around the waist or diagonally across the shoulder. It’s small enough not to be intrusive, but large enough to hold all of your essentials, such as your phone, your wallet, and a handful of other items. Most importantly, this is an item that people might use every single day, instead of a small bag or pockets stuffed full of possessions.

Happily, these can be designed to be branded by your firm. Search custom fanny packs by to get an idea of how these can turn out, and explore options that suit your particular business. This is one of the coolest accessories out there, and will surely impress your workers when you hand them out as gifts.

Golf Hats

Whether your staff are regulars on the fairway or they’ve never set foot in a clubhouse in their life, a golf hat is useful for a variety of occasions. Yes, they’re brilliant at shading eyes when playing a sport, but they also make for a neat way to shade your face when out in the summer. They’re light and easy to pack in a bag for a vacation. Most people own several hats, but their golf hats will be a fixture on their heads in the summer months.

This is also, of course, a corporate gift classic. You may well have some of your own that you’ve received from other companies. The way to make yours stand out, and encourage staff to go out in the hat, is to make it a novel color, with a brilliant brand message on the front. That way, your staff will be happy to wear it when they’re out and about.


Not quite a bracelet, a wristband is suitable for both men and women. It can be simple and understated, either made of threads or rubber, or it can be colorful, making a statement from someone’s wrist. This is an accessory that became popular with charities in the last decade but works just as well for businesses.

If you’re looking to offer something small but meaningful to your staff, and something that they’ll be able to wear every day, if they wish, this is a good bet. They’re also the cheapest of our three options, which means they’re great to give out to larger teams.

Make your staff delighted with your branded accessories with these three ideas.


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