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The Top 10 Interview Questions You Should Ask When Hiring a Recruiter

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The mantra of any recruiter worth their salt is that people matter above all else — and that the key to building a lasting organization is continually hiring best-in-class talent.

It makes perfect sense then that recruiting leaders really, really care about the people they hire to fill out their talent acquisition team. And they should, because hiring a great recruiter can have a significant long-term effect on any business, providing a higher level of talent at your organization over time.

So, how do you know if someone will make a top recruiter? To help you make this determination, we put together a list of 10 outstanding interview questions you should ask any recruiting candidate.

1. “What was your relationship like with your last three hiring managers?”

Studies show that the single biggest factor in being a successful recruiter is consistently building strong relationships with hiring managers. And that means the recruiter acting as a partner in the hiring process, not just an order-taker.

By asking a candidate to walk through their relationship with their last three hiring managers, you’ll get an inside look at how they handle that relationship.

Do they describe authoritarian situations, where the hiring manager led the charge and the recruiter was reactive to their demands? Or do they discuss how they took control of the relationship early on, managing the hiring process as equals? Ideally, look for a candidate who has a strong philosophy on how to handle that relationship — as opposed to someone who’ll let each individual hiring manager act as a dictator.

2. “How do you treat candidates who don’t get the job?”

Recruiters are often incentivized based on how many reqs they close and the time in which they close them. As a result, some short-sighted recruiters often forgo providing a good candidate experience to the candidates they reject, focusing solely on the people who have moved on in the hiring process.

This approach can hurt your company’s employer brand — and potentially your consumer brand too.

Instead, the best recruiters should make it clear they provide a strong experience to all candidates. This might include responding to every candidate who applies, even if they don’t make it to the next stage, and personally phoning every interviewee who doesn’t get the job. Listen for answers that show the recruiter is committed to consistently updating candidates throughout the process, so no one is left wondering where they stand.

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