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The top 10 things you must do before turning 30

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Some people believe that life begins at 30…

…But what should you do before your new life begins at 30?

I could tell you 50 things, but I’ll start with 10 of the top things you must do.

Write this list out to ensure you stick to it!

1) Travel solo

Traveling is one of the biggest learning experiences as it is.

It’s a chance to learn about a new culture and to open your mind to how massive this planet is.

But traveling solo is a whole new experience. 

It challenges you in ways that you just can’t anticipate until you do it.

You see, traveling solo pushes you to be entirely responsible for yourself and to not lean on anyone else.

It forces you to rely on yourself and only yourself.

Simply put, it takes masses of courage and it teaches you to trust yourself, and your decisions that you make.

It’s something you should 100 percent do before you turn 30 in order to give you a new level of trust in yourself as you move into a new decade. 

There are loads of online resources that have suggestions about where it is safe to visit as a solo traveler.

If you look for it, you’ll find tips and guides to different areas and how to discover a place in the best way possible. 

Take some to see where you feel drawn to – maybe it’s Southeast Asia, maybe it’s Canada, maybe it’s Europe. 

2) Challenge yourself in a fitness competition

Before you turn 30, you should have fun with fitness by entering a competition!

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