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The top 3 skills you need to land a work-from-anywhere job in 2022

By | Morgan Smith |

Even as pandemic restrictions ease and more companies require their employees return to the office full-time, flexible and remote jobs are still hot commodities amongst the workforce.

Google searches for “remote jobs” have reached an all-time high since the Covid-19 pandemic first hit in early 2020, with 32% of people affirming that they prefer an exclusively remote work arrangement, according to a June 2022 Gallup survey of 8,090 U.S. employees.

Although demand for remote opportunities remains high, the number of remote job openings is starting to drop: In July, about 17% of paid job postings in the U.S. on LinkedIn were remote, the Wall Street Journal reports, down from a high of about 20% in March 2022.

True remote jobs are hard to come by, too: About 95% of remote jobs have geographic requirements, whether it’s a specific region, country, state or city, according to FlexJobs.

In a work-from-anywhere job, however, employees work “100% remotely, are independent of location and, in many cases, are also independent of a specific time zone,” FlexJobs career coach Toni Frana tells CNBC Make It.

She expects such jobs to become more popular — and the competition for them to grow — in the coming months as more companies require employees to return to in-person work.

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