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The Toy Store Story

By | Adil Malia |

Who says it ends in the Toy Store ? Infact, it all begins in the Toy-Store.

I have been in Senior Leadership roles working for ‘Toyrus’ for a few years in my career. I had the opportunity then to closely observe children behave in the toy- store… and I promise you, foundations of Adult behaviour somewhere, find their roots in the way children behave in Toy Stores.

The multiple aspirations they come in with, the greed to have it all, the pain of making choices, the way others try to influence your choice, determining the way out from multiple attractive options, the frustrations of buying within budgets that forever fall short, the decision making process and the coping with choices made which within 10 minutes of the decision appear to be the wrong choice made… you can see it all there.

Life is not far more different than that. Whilst we grow and learn techniques, use tools and use commercial value logic as we choose from options, promise you, the dilemma is not really different. Sometimes, I think that even the choices devoid of adult techniques, would continue to go through the same dilemmas.

No doubt the great poet Asadullah Ghalib wrote …

” Hazaaron khwahishein aisi ke har khwaaish pe dam nikle bahut nikle mere armaan,lekin phir bhi Kam nikle”

( Desires in thousands I had,for each I would die…With many I had luck,for many I would sigh ! )

Life indeed is a Toy Store !
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