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The Two Biggest Tech Trends We’ll See in 2017

Source | LinkedIn : By Dennis Williams II

2017 is sure to bring an array of social justice initiatives focusing on accelerating change through technology. Namely, collecting big data that allows for valuable insights and raised awareness for political and social events.

The focus should fall on streamlining communication between minority groups and the causes they support by using technology to organize their efforts in a way that impacts change.

Ironically enough, my latest status on LinkedIn read, “Tech may very well be the last hope in fixing political and racial injustice.” It’s apparent that technology is responsible for many of the social advances of the past decade yet we still speak of it as one entire entity, rather than a vehicle.

Now it’s time to use technology to facilitate tangible contributions in the face of today’s political and social climate, from early-stage ventures to our industry’s leaders. All players must understand that their success is largely a part of their relevance in today’s culture and for that reason, a lack of definite action could hurt major platforms in the long run.

Still, they too have the opportunity to make impactful change among their massive communities in a way that aides these injustices without diminishing the user experience.

At a smaller scale, we’ve seen advances in products like Facebook’s local ballot guides and its Safety Check feature in light of today’s natural and human disasters. On the other hand, rising startups have the chance to create new ways of elevating minority voices and mobilize action for the change in lawful and civil treatment of various races, gender, and demographics.

Strategic tech initiatives are already on the horizon and this is only the beginning. is a tech community fighting for immigration reform to open the door for more foreign talent in tech companies and it’s supported by some of Silicon Valley’s elite.

There are also the larger counterparts getting involved financially to support initiatives that fight to conquer social injustices.

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