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The Ultimate Guide For Writing Recruiting Email Like a Pro

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Lucky you, if your dream candidate is actively looking for a job shift. But a study shows that 73 percent of candidates are passive job seekers. At times people are not even sure if they want to shift jobs.

How do you make them believe that your company is the right place to work at? How do you pull them to your side?

Goes without saying, pitching out to the candidate, writing a recruiting email!

Deploy a few of your marketing skills while writing your next recruiting email. Remember, you ( and your organization) will be judged by the way you reach out to your candidates.

Make sure you rock the first impression!

Here are a few tips:

Do your research

Linkedin Profile sourcing

The ultimate sutra to write a recruiting email like a pro is to research like a pro.

Most of us might have received a random recruiting email for some role we have never applied for, nor interested in. I have personally received random emails from recruiters for the role of a financial analyst, although I do not possess any book-learned finance skills, nor do I hail from a finance background academically. These type of recruiting emails make us wonder if the recruiter is doing his/her job right.

Dig deep into Linkedin profiles.

In today’s digital world all your potential hires will definitely have online profiles on various social media platforms.

So do your homework! Mine information before you send out a cold outreach.

Make sure you get all these information in the first place.

  1. The candidate’s past role.
  2. The candidate’s past projects that relate to the job you’re recruiting for.
  3. Does the skills of the candidate align with your requirement.

Write a humble and personalized subject line

Don’t oversell right in the first place.

At times, few recruiters go overboard and start pitching right from the subject line.

Beware, your recruiting email shouldn’t be mistaken as a sales email.

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