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The ultimate HRIS requirements checklist | Ettie Holland

If you’re in the market for a new HRIS, the first step before talking to vendors is collaborating with stakeholders to build a requirements checklist. Here are 53 questions they’re likely to ask.

Building a requirements checklist is a critical stage in researching HR systems, because it gives you a framework to narrow down providers. This checklist should integrate input from broad stakeholders, to: 

  • Get early buy-in, to reduce resistance to change and increase adoption 
  • Accommodate everyone’s needs, so you make a better final decision 
  • Identify and address potential challenges early 
  • Spot new use cases, and build a more compelling business case
  • Enrich the vendor selection process with diverse perspectives

This guide helps you steer this process, giving you an overview of the typical questions your major stakeholders might have so you can lead informed conversations and move the project along speedily.

Before we get started, though:

Who decides on the purchase of an HRIS? 

Nowadays, it’s typically HR stakeholders who lead the project to find and purchase a new HRIS. They will, after all, be the system’s primary day-to-day users. But, as we’ll discuss in a moment, stakeholders from across an organisation should – and will want to – be involved in the selection and buying process, if you are to choose the right HR software for your business and for the investment to pay off. 

Choosing an HRIS: key stakeholder priorities

Here are the key stakeholder…

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