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The unspoken perils of WFH

By | Col Sudip Mukerjee | Helping professionals think efficiently and communicate effectively to excel, influence and grow

‘I have always liked the time before dawn because there’s no one around to remind me who I am supposed to be, so it’s easier to remember who I am.’ – Brian Andreas (from his book Trusting Soul)


Corporate work culture has literally performed a cartwheel and a dive roll.

Lock down, social distancing and the new ethos of ‘Work from Home’ has not only impacted how business is conducted, it has enabled reduction of expenditures in office rent and associated expenditure in electricity, internet bandwidth, overtimes, employee travel etc. With no travel, sales was carried out across the laptop screen and through mobile phones. All the learnt behaviour from so many years simply flew out of the window as soon as Covid drifted in.

Perhaps it is be appropriate to say that ‘how business is conducted’ did a back flip since March 2020. What this athleticism has resulted in, is lines have blurred between timings, locations, work life balance and as a consequence to all three, self image.

The Concept of Self Image

Self-image is related to what you see when you look in a mirror—however, it goes much deeper than that. Self-image refers to how we see ourselves on a more global level, both internally and externally.

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