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The Upward Hierarchy Might Fascinate You, But Are You Prepared For It?

By Amberjack

Are you content with your current job?

Are you worried about the future, the stressful senior management life?

Everyone knows what professional life is, but do you know why it is considered hectic?


Why Is it Hectic?

The following are some reasons why being promoted to senior management does not seem so fun:

  • It demands you to take full responsibility for your work as well as your team’s actions, unlike the low-level responsibilities that you have now.
  • It requires you always be available for essential communications, no matter what time of the day it is; if your client or team member needs approval or has any query, you have to resolve it, even past midnight.
  • The workload of current assignments will look like a kid’s task when you become a part of large work projects.
  • Ever been a team leader? The responsibilities of senior management are way different than the ones you have faced till now.
  • You have to settle yourself to grow in your professional life to make sure you can support a family on your own, unlike your current situation which is enough if you supporting yourself.

Professional life is a learning curve; it does prepare you for the future, but do keep this in mind that the journey to senior management is a long one unlike the few early promotions of professional life. It requires you to be determined, ambitious, responsible and efficient enough to always deliver on time every day of your life, and the primary requirement is your ability to handle a team and related tasks. This is the only way to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself in the long run.

Start Preparing Yourself Now

The right time for preparing yourself for the senior management life is right now; right when a few years of your professional experience have passed. Even though, the sooner you start, the better it is.

There are many ways which can prepare you for the tiring senior management life, such as:

  • During the first few years of your professional experience, you can start reducing your sleeping hours and working towards your ability to handle a team. It is an activity that you should be following throughout your life, but let’s not kid ourselves, who does that! You can start by 2-3 days a week. And then work your way to all days in the week. You can obviously go crazy on weekends, and we all know, you’d deserve it.
  • Knowledge is king. Learn as much as you can when you have the time because time is a luxury in professional life. Imagine coming home at 5 in the evening after a tiring day at work, then would you like to take your resting time to learn something new? No, right. Why not make efforts in the first few years of professional life and reduce the burden on your mind later on in life.
  • Being ambitious will help you decide what you want from the future, which will lessen the burden of being lost right after a few jobs. Take small steps if you are confused right now by writing down your ambitions and analysing them one at a time. It will help you find the one that will not only brighten your face but your future as well.
  • Build valuable relationships with like-minded people and mentors to make sure you can leverage that whenever necessary. In your professional life, you will realise how much relationships matter; they can help you find your desired designation, help you build productive connections for the future or just be with you to blow off steam on the weekends after a hectic week. Deeper relationships are always better, so start working on it right now!
  • Answer these questions thoroughly:
    • What do you want from the future?
    • What is your end goal?
    • What is your dream designation in the company?
    • What are your likes and dislikes?
    • What are the industries you can work in?
    • What is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)?
  • Take responsibilities seriously and try to work your way up to become an active leader in the future. You will face situations where your colleagues will not do as you say, and cases like these will teach you the best lessons of your life because the same might happen when you become a part of the senior management, and these situations will help you learn methods to tackle them, carefully and efficiently.

If you are part of senior management; then act like it!

  • Do a SWOT Analysis of yourself every 6 months to work on your weaknesses and threat because it can really affect your professional life, e.g. what if being short-tempered or an ineffective leader are your biggest weaknesses, or no valuable connections or severe competition are your most prominent threats, then you can work with them and make sure it does not keep you from achieving your desired goals. Doing a SWOT (Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats) analysis for your ambitions will also be helpful to know what opportunities you have and which one can be the right one for you!

What is the purpose?

The senior management life does not demand you to stop having fun or become a boring individual; it rather encourages you to showcase your talents efficiently and leverage your relationships to create something better for yourself and your surroundings.

The ultimate purpose is to have a smooth future, where you can support yourself and your family. Even if you follow all the ways mentioned above, it is not guaranteed that your work life will be smooth or stress-free, but it sure will be better in all aspects because you will be prepared for everything.

Always Be Prepared! Always walk the right path!


 Author Bio: Amberjack professionals are global recruitment experts, specialising in Future Talent Recruitment to put people on the right path to progress in their future career. From apprentices to postgraduates, amberjack specialises in spotting talent, finding the perfect candidate for any job specification.

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