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The Warm Up : Checking Digital Marketing Fundamentals

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In 2020, Digital Marketing has become one of the most pivotal functional in all organizations. With the world moving towards digitization, businesses are relying on digital marketers to do the magic.

With the vast multitude of applicants eager to break into this field, how does a recruiter interview for this position ?

Simple. To encourage Data Driven Hiring and Blind Hiring Practices, request your applicants to take up  Online Digital Marketing Skills Assessment. It serves as a good method to screen applicants and identify the top Digital Marketing specialists before inviting them for an interview.

Don’t worry, we have simplified your life.

Here are some hand-picked Digital Marketing Interview Questions and assessments that you must use in your next interview!

A typical Digital Marketing Interview must cover Lead generation, SEO Skills, Social Media Marketing and Content Writing Skills.

The Warm Up : Checking Digital Marketing Fundamentals

If you are looking for an entry-level digital marketing associate, it is always ideal to start from basics.

  1. How did you first come across this field ? What piqued your interest ?
  2. Explain what is a keyword
  3. In what cases is online marketing preferred to offline marketing?
  4. If you were to built the Digital Marketing function from scratch, what marketing stack would you adopt and why ?

Are you hiring a digital marketing team?

Gain insights as to know how to split up the roles among your hires and what organizations expect from each role.

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