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The word PURPOSE often had a mystic around it for me

By | Anand Bhaskar | Chief Executive Officer, PGC

For many years in my late 20’s I had this huge urge to be an entrepreneur and do some kind of business. I never knew what I wanted to do? As I aged and grew in my experiences, I learnt that I got a huge flip up when I was able to help people around me be successful. For most of my life I wasted myself trying to match up to people who I thought were better than me. It did do me some good, by enabling me to work on myself and improve my skills. However, it never made me happy. My achievements often felt small when I had accomplished them. I would start looking at the next milestone and the next…., which appeared to be a never ending cycle. Yet I wasn’t happy. Around 2009 when I had a Coach to help me, I realised that I was chasing goals that were never meant to be for me. It allowed me to introspect deeply about “What is my why”?

I learnt that any kind of work that enables me to help people or organisations achieve their goals inspired me. The trick was to separate the “need for recognition” from the equation; which meant working selflessly with no expectations of acknowledgement. So when I took on a CHRO role in 2010, I dedicated myself entirely to help people around me even while I realised I wasn’t being treated fairly in-terms of my salary etc. I was doing a global role with a local salary; getting lower salary/stock than many of my DRs since I was based in India etc. It never bothered me one bit. When I left the job in 2015, I pushed really hard for one of my DRs to take my place. I am really proud that my successor has done much better than me.

Over the last 12 years, my only purpose has been to make “meaningful impact to people & organisations” with an intention to enable them to achieve their goals. My company PGC is also formed with exactly the same purpose. This journey has given me immense joy and satisfaction. Each time I come across managers/leaders who are vying for visibility, space, power, control etc…., it reminds me of my past and I take rejoice in how far I have come from there. It is sometimes hard to explain the feeling – it feels really light without the burden of self imposed expectations.

What is your why? Have you spent quality time to think about it…

Do share your thoughts. I would be keen to learn from your experiences.

Republished with permission and originally published at Anand Bhaskar’s LinkedIn

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