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The Worst Blunders Inexperienced Managers Make That Hurt Their Teams And Work Cultures

By | Kathy Caprino |

In working with many new and inexperienced managers over the past 16 years, and in my own former corporate career, I’ve seen that it’s very common for unseasoned managers to feel great doubt and insecurity—and experience imposter syndrome—about their work and impact. I certainly did, the first few times I was in a managerial role. When we haven’t managed before and don’t have past successes to draw on, it can be a daunting experience, especially if we have no support from the top or within the organization. Many new managers feel they are going at it all alone, and that’s a frightening prospect where failure looms large.

Managers just beginning the process of leading others can find it a maze of confusing potential actions and directions, generating fear and anxiety about the best steps to take in their management approach and worrying about how they are coming across to others, and how effective they can truly be in attaining their big business goals.

I’ve also seen that many younger professionals (under 30) who are employed at rapidly-growing startups and other types of organizations have had their staff sizes explode at a rate they aren’t equipped for. They have shared that they feel shaky about their approach and their ability to succeed in attaining the high goals their leaders have foisted on them.

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