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The Worst LinkedIn Headline: ‘In Transition’

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

Whatever you want to say about yourself in your LinkedIn headline, don’t use the words “In transition” to describe yourself. All of us are in transition at every moment. That isn’t your brand!

If you say that you are “in transition,” you’re saying that you won’t have a real identity — an identity apart from the murky “in transition” – until you get a new job. However, your job does not define you as a person! If you are a marketing person, then you are a marketer whether you’re working right now or not.

You can get a consulting business card and start taking on consulting projects right now. You can update your “In transition” headline to read “Consultant.” You are a consultant now. You can do whatever kind of consulting suits your abilities and interests.

You are not in purgatory just because you are job-hunting or changing careers. Every working person with an awareness of the new-millennium talent market and the shiftiness of individual jobs has at least one eye on the job market. You’d be crazy not to!

You are not less worthy just because you are between jobs. You are every bit as qualified and amazing as you have ever been. You don’t have to hide your flame behind the pale brand “In transition.”

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