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There Are 3 Kinds of Resumes. But Top Recruiters at Amazon and Google Say They Always Want to See ‘Format Number 3’

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  • The other two formats leave recruiters wondering: 'What the heck did she actually do there?'

Source | | Bill Murphy Jr

I explained recently why Google greatly prefers applicants whose resumes use the X-Y-Z formula to describe their experiences — and why job seekers who don’t use that formula greatly diminish their chances of getting an offer

However, it’s clear that there’s an even more fundamental problem before we even get to the formula. It also makes it much harder for top companies to identify great candidates from among the millions (literally, millions) who apply.

Writing for Business Insider, Rachel Premack interviewed Amazon’s recruiting manager for university programs, Celeste Joy Diaz, about what she thinks is the single biggest mistake that Amazon applicants make.

It turns out Diaz agrees with the top Google recruiters, along with many others at top companies. It all comes down to a basic misconception about what a resume is supposed to do, and therefore what successful applicants choose to include. 

1. Headline-based resumes.

At the outset, there are three types of resumes for our purposes. The first is what we will refer to as title-based or headline-based resumes. 

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