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There are 4 types of bosses. Here’s the one you want to work for—and why experts say they’re the most successful

By | Sari Wilde |

Great managers know how to coach, engage and motivate their teams. But the job isn’t easy. The way we work is rapidly changing. Responsibilities are constantly shifting. Workers want to upgrade their skills.

As a managing vice president at Gartner, a global advisory firm, I oversee research and products for learning. To better understand what the best managers do to develop employees in today’s busy work environment, we surveyed 5,000 managers from around the world in different functions.

The data revealed four main types of managers:

The four main types of managers

  1. Teacher managers develop their employees based on their own expertise and experience. Their mantra is: “I did it this way, and therefore you should, too.” They typically advance in the organization not necessarily because they are the greatest managers, but because of their institutional knowledge.
  2. Always On managers constantly monitor and check in on their employees. They have good intentions and want to be the ones providing continuous coaching and feedback across a wide breadth of skills.

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