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There are 7 types of bosses, says workplace culture expert—only 1 is worth working for, or trying to become

By | Annika Kim Constantino |

Some bosses are good. Others only seem good at first, and you can use this guide to differentiate between the two, says workplace culture expert Tom Gimbel.

Gimbel, the CEO of Chicago-based employment agency LaSalle Network, says the type of boss you have — or are — can have a huge impact on you or your employees’ career success: Good bosses can help employees grow and be happy at work, while bad bosses can make the day-to-day experience a nightmare.

“There’s an expression: ’People join companies, but they quit bosses,” Gimbel tells CNBC Make It. “That isn’t too far removed from the truth.”

Eighty-two percent of American workers said they’d potentially quit their job because of a bad manager, in a survey released in January by employment screening services company GoodHire.

Knowing the early signs can keep you from getting into trouble in the first place. Gimbel says there are seven types of bosses, with one clearly better than the rest: the accountable but caring boss, who pushes you to perform at a high level while genuinely trying to support your wellbeing.

Here are Gimbel’s seven types of bosses, from most to least common:

  • Grinder boss
  • Motivator boss
  • Ghost boss
  • Narcissist boss

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