There will be a new set of entrepreneurs to lead the way: Merrill J. Fernando

When the world awakes from this pandemic nightmare

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Amidst the gloom and doom that surrounds the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, what if there is a different approach to looking at this predicament we are in? What if there is an interpretation that will motivate and help us pave a positive way forward to steer the world towards more equality and consciousness in the money making processes of businesses? What if we raise our levels of awareness to realise that COVID-19 could be a cracked mirror through which to see that many things were wrong in the pre-pandemic economic equation?

In this week’s interview with Merrill Joseph Fernando, the founder of Dilmah Tea, one of the largest tea exporters from Sri Lanka, there are many insights that help us reflect on some of the points mentioned above. 

Fernando focuses on the global and local economic challenges posed by COVID-19 and presents a new way of looking at the current phase that we are in

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